Turn Your Mistakes Into Assests

To help you bring the message of the video home the script is below. As you read it, think of the possibilities of the first three questions. This is what she said,   What if your past mistakes could become your greatest assets? What if telling your story could save someone else’s life? And what if you said No to Fear and YES to Faith? In her new book Answering the Call of God: How to Discover Divine Opportunities in Unexpected Places, author Tijuanna Adetunji has created a practical guide that will inspire you to go from living a customary to an extraordinary life.   In Answering the Call of God Tijuanna teaches how these possibilities can become a reality by exploring the lives of people just like you. She explains that answering the call of God is not limited to those who wear a clerical collar or have attended seminary. But it is for everyone that desires to fulfill their life’s purpose. So be inspired and get the peace, passion, and power you need to move forward. My book discusses these questions and helps you discover the answers and much more. Download the first two chapters for free. Get access to them by the book cover image.

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